COCARD B2GX is our market niche

If you do business with the Government you usually have to accept credit or Purchasing cards and the rates can get scary if you're not providing Level 3 data with each transaction. If 'Level 3 data' doesn't sound familiar please call. We'll pass our know-how along to you and you'll save money. Usually 25-30% on your card acceptance costs. Our Virtual Terminal solution is easy to use, has an immediate ROI, and can be integrated into all the major accounting platforms. If you're already accepting cards we can switch your processor seamlessly. You keep the same bank, the same accounting, the same procedures, you just use our Virtual Terminal from any computer screen or workstation in the office. See our sample transaction screen below to understand how easy it is to save!!

5 reasons to make the move
to Level 3 data processing

  • 'Interchange' rates are set by Visa and MasterCard and comprise the majority of your total card processing fees. Lowering those rates on your transactions is the single most important cost element you can manage.
  • Supply data with the transaction that your purchasing customers might need. (makes you look good)
  • Improve procedures within the office to create time-saving efficiencies.
  • Correctly comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to avoid costly and time consuming compliance issues.
  • Get a competitive advantage in a B2G market that only continues to grow.

Process credit card transactions with Level 3 data in 4 easy steps:

Business-to-Government FAQ's

    Smartpay Card
  1. What is Level 3 Data and how do I take advantage of the knowledge? Level 3 Data is information that gets passed along whenever you do a credit or purchasing card transaction using CoCard B2GX. Things like the $ amount, the card #, and the expiration date are all types of data passed during a simple card transaction. Level 3 data is a little more enhanced and includes information like the item #, item description, unit of measure and invoice #. Businesses and Governmental agencies like to receive this data to simplify record keeping and reconciliation and Visa and MasterCard recognize this and will give you lower processing rates whenever you provide it. Even if your government customer doesn't need the data you can still lower costs. Your Government customer only sees the data when he wants to and can do so easily with his card issuing bank partner.
  2. What is the PAYOFF? Visa and MasterCard give you a discounted processing rate if you pass along Level 3 data. Existing costs of 3-4% of your sales amount can be lowered to 2-3%. That's a 25% reduction in your processing bill each month. It adds up quick.
  3. Why CoCard B2GX? Because we are the Level 3 solutions experts. We put on seminars for contractor groups, Web Meetings for Industry Verticals and conference calls for SBA-PTAC regionals. Educate first and the clients will comeā€¦.is basically our business model.
  4. What are the steps involved if we use CoCard B2GX? 1st, we'll do an evaluation of your business to determine what would work best, then some easy paperwork and approval in a day or two. Once approved the Virtual Terminal is loaded and we can usually have you doing your first transaction that same day.
  5. When do you charge my account for fees? Fees for the processing are tallied at the end of the month and deducted automatically from your deposit bank account the first week of the following month.
  6. How do I get the 'NO COST EVALUATION' of my processing? Just fill out the Contact Us form and we'll call and decipher your situation. It's easy and if nothing else, we'll point you in the right direction. We like to educate our contacts first and worry about getting accounts later.

Get a NO COST evaluation of your processing today.