At CoCardMCD the best way to illustrate our transparent pricing philosophy is by emphasizing our terms. *NO Cancellation Fees, *NO Early Termination Fess, *NO Set-up or Application Fees. *NO Annual fees or Monthly Minimums. We are so confident in our competitive product and pricing that we don't put any restrictions on you leaving us. We're open, honest, and we educate you along the way so you can recognize shady offers from competitors.

'INTERCHANGE PLUS' pricing is a term all merchants need to be familiar with. Interchange is the % rate Visa/MasterCard/Discover sets for all the types of transactions and cards out there, and CoCard MCD adds a transparent profit margin to that Interchange and charges your business that 'Interchange Plus' percentage. It makes it easy to compare all processing offers in a apples-to-apples environment.

No more guesswork, just plain talk, and plain competition. Because of CoCard's size our costs are lower and we can beat 99% of our competitors. Combine great pricing and excellent Customer Service and make CoCard MCD your processing partner.


  • Retail face-to-face credit cards 1.54% + 10 cents
  • Retail face-to-face signature debit cards 1.03% + 15 cents
  • Internet Web-Commerce (card not present) credit cards 1.80% + 10 cents
  • Internet Web-commerce (card not present) debit cards 1.60% + 15 cents
  • Business-to-Business (card not present) credit cards 2.10% + 10 cents
  • Reward face-to-face credit cards 1.65% +10 cents

Depending on your monthly card volume CoCardMCD adds basis points (.10, .20, .30, .40% and cents) to the above rates and you pay that sum% and nothing more. NO Surcharges, NO penalties, NO extras. And CoCardMCD never changes your rates. If Visa, MasterCard or Discover raise or lower the above "interchange rates" we 'pass' that change on to you and that's it! No surprises. Now, whenever someone wants to give you a processing rate proposal, ask them for a 'interchange plus' quote. Don't tell them what you are currently paying until after they give you a quote. It makes all comparisons apples-to-apples and your decision is straightforward. Just like us.

Get a NO COST evaluation of your processing today.