Account Types

CoCardMCD can help navigate the nuances of credit card acceptance in a variety of business situations. Let us put our wealth of knowledge and years of experience to your advantage as we make every aspect of card acceptance easy and affordable. Pricing and solutions are contingent upon Account Types and the services you might need.

BUSINESS TO GOVERNMENT: Accepting GSA/SmartPay2 cards from governmental agencies is a breeze with CoCardMCD. Let us introduce you to Level 3 data processing and the pricing discounts that result. With our Virtual Terminal solution transactions are fast and fun and when done the CoCardMCD way can give you a competitive advantage over other contractors.

RETAIL: If you own a brick and mortar bookstore, a home furnishing business or a trendy new hair salon, credit cards are a must. Take advantage of swiped and signature debit processing rates to keep your costs low. Fast transaction times, next-day funding and hands on customer support make card acceptance worthwhile.

RESTAURANT: Quick, reliable card acceptance is a must in any restaurant setting. Restaurant POS systems are compatible with most card processors so why not use us and get the best rates possible. We know how to speak with the POS system providers and will always help coordinate any service/support issues.

HIGH-RISK: Some businesses are not popular with all processors. That's OK. CoCardMCD has relationships with High-Risk processors that can get your company accepting cards at profitable rates in no time. You may have to provide extra financial data. Travel related, tour guide companies, collection agencies, etc are all welcome.

E-COMMERCE/INTERNET PAYMENTS: Using the Internet is a great way to get paid no matter what your business model. If you have a web-store shopping cart or a charitable organization that takes donations, payments will look professional and create a positive shopper experience. Websites contain the secure payment page and internet gateways encrypt the information. If you are on the go you can use Virtual Terminals to do transactions from any internet enabled device. CoCardMCD can integrate into all the leading internet payment gateways.

ASSOCIATIONS/NON-PROFITS: It is easy to accept payments from members or donations from the public if you have the right partner. CoCardMCD has the tools to make the payment or donation experience for your payees enjoyable. You can design the payment page in most instances.

PHONE ORDERS/B2B: If you would like to accept card payments over the phone you don't need an expensive solution or terminal. You might even be eligible for a free terminal. We can show you how to enter the right data when you do your transactions to keep processing costs down. For B2B payments we have experience and expertise in providing Level II data during the transaction that also keeps costs down.

WIRELESS: Technology is changing the way businesses accept payments. Is your company a candidate for wireless terminals or devices. Let us evaluate your situation. Contractors, drivers, installers, trade shows, are all great places to think about wireless. We have many solutions for all business types.