Every Time...
I always tell my new merchants to call me whenever they have a problem or a question. I can solve most issues myself and I like to keep up on things and see how my merchants are doing. But every time, after about the first year, nobody ever calls me. They know I have normal business hours and the support desks are 24/7. And... the support desks can do everything. Terminal stuff, statement questions, transaction history, everything. I never hear from anyone after the first year.


When you choose CoCardMCD as your electronic payments provider you are ultimately choosing us as a support partner. We understand. CoCardMCD markets electronic payment services in association with First Data Merchant Services (Wells Fargo Bank,NA), NPC (First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, NE)and Paymentech (Chase Bank NA). These are 3 of the 6 largest processors in the world. In the electronic payment world of customer support, bigger is better. These 3 have more resources than the other processors and they have been in this industry longer. Because CoCard is one of the largest Independent Sales Organizations in the US (see our CoCard ISO Award) these three processors 'like us' and have a genuine interest in our merchant's happiness. All three processors have 24/7/365 customer support and offer Award-winning Customer Service desks for accounting and statement questions and Terminal Support Desks for equipment and technology questions.

Call your Relationship Manager at the phone #'s below for all your support issues. If we can't solve the issue on the spot we'll bring in the support people from your processor. It's always a three-way call with your Relationship Manager participating. If it's after hours or you want some technical expertise the processor numbers below are 24/7.

PROCESSOR TOOLS (Customer Support)

  • First Data Merchant Services 800-858-1166
  • NPC processing 888-208-7231
  • Chase Paymentech 888-858-1166

For PCI Support call your Relationship Manager or your processor at the numbers above.

E-mail us at for non emergency questions.


  • 708-449-1010

Existing Merchants

PCI-DSS compliance is here!!!! CoCard's processors use TRUSTWAVE and SECURITY METRICS as their PCI vendors. Trustwave and Security Metrics charge each merchant $99 annually for compliance and validation. Call your customer support # for questions.

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